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Tire Advice? - forest nymph girl

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January 12th, 2009

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07:11 pm - Tire Advice?
Everyone seems to have some kind of opinion on tires. So hear goes:

Splurge (wait, I mean, invest!) on slightly more expensive Pirelli studded tires, which I will have for a long time and probably put back on my car next year, be totally confident in, and use for a long time? Or, less money on a set of studded Goodyears, which will at least serve the immediate purpose for which I need them in the moment while still allowing me to pay my rent. I should mention that the reason I need studded tires is the steep, icy driveway going down to my new apartment. I need the tires immediately because I need to drive my car down it to move things in, but if I do that without studs, I won't be able to drive it back up out, and hence will have no car until the spring. Given the fact that I'm fucking broke and can't spend $2 on coffee, and that I will only be driving on these tires for two or three more months, should I take the chance and hope that the goodyears are acceptable? Or, should I do what I usually do and spend more for the Pirelli tires because they are better quality? What would you all do?
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